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August 2024

Rimouski, Québec

Sustainable Development

With the goal of reducing its ecological footprint and exerting a positive influence on society, Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS are actively committed to implementing sustainable practices.

To maximize the effectiveness of these initiatives, Les Grandes Fêtes have partnered with Pesca Environnement, a local firm specializing in environmental impact studies. This partnership, which spans three years (2023-2025), aims to develop and implement a tailor-made action plan.

Thanks to an in-depth field analysis, Pesca Environnement has been able to bring its expertise to design strategies tailored to the specifics of the festival. These strategies will enable Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS to minimize their impact on the environment while raising awareness among the public and participants about current ecological issues.

We are proud of this collaboration and are committed to continuing our efforts for a greener and more responsible future. Join us in this endeavor during the upcoming editions of Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS!

Implemented Actions

  • Provision of a potable water tank to encourage festival-goers to refill their reusable bottles for free, thereby reducing the consumption of single-use plastic;
  • Adoption of compostable or reusable dishes by food concessions, minimizing the environmental impact associated with waste;
  • Construction of an electric cabin to increase the electricity supply on site, which has reduced the use of polluting generators;
  • Shutting down generators after performances to limit noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Installation of a filtered water station for the teams during the setup and takedown phases, ensuring hydration with a smaller ecological footprint;
  • Contribution to reforestation through a donation to a company specializing in tree planting, thus offsetting a portion of the festival’s carbon emissions;

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