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August 2024

Rimouski, Québec

Security & prevention

Regulations on the Festival Site

The safety of all festival-goers, artists, and team members is our priority. Security on the site is maintained through control at the main entrance and the West entrance, by the presence of security agents and a medical team.

Prohibited Items on Site

  • Alcohol and any beverage containing it
  • Umbrella
  • Dog
  • Skateboard
  • Food
  • Motorcycle helmet
  • Bladed weapon
  • Firearm
  • Firework
  • Portable radio
  • Sports equipment

Items Allowed on Site

  • Warm clothes
  • Folding / camping chair (designated area on the natural slope)
  • Child stroller
  • Purse, small backpack
  • Empty and transparent water bottle (a refill station will be available inside the site)


Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS can rely on Sécurité BSL agents for the event. All security personnel hold a work permit issued by the Bureau de la sécurité privée (Private Security Bureau).

Each festival-goers will be subject to a search to ensure that they do not bring any prohibited items onto the site.

First Aid

The medical team of Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS constantly patrols the entire site during the evenings of activities. A first aid station is also set up on the main festival site. Refer to the Site Map to locate it. Do not hesitate to ask them for help if needed.

Emergency and Evacuation Plan

In collaboration with the Rimouski Police and Fire Service as well as Sécurité BSL agency, an emergency and evacuation plan, as well as a complete security plan realized and certified by PMU Québec, are in place to ensure the smooth running of the event and the efficiency of responses in case of an incident.

Prevention and Health

Weather Conditions

The shows take place rain or shine, except in the case of an electrical storm or strong winds that could endanger the safety of festival-goers and artists. Being in Rimouski, on the shore of the Saint Lawrence River, summer evenings can be cool. We advise you to take the necessary precautions to adapt well to temperature changes.

In case of high temperatures, do not forget to hydrate adequately and apply sunscreen.

Please note that umbrellas are prohibited on the festival site. Plan to bring a poncho in case of rain!

Hearing Protection

Plan to bring sound protection equipment for young children. The sound level at some shows could be harmful to their ears.

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