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August 2024

Rimouski, Québec


The various web platforms of the Grandes Fêtes TELUS have been created in a spirit of openness and transparency. The website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and the Instagram account are spaces where web users can exchange. In order to better communication on its different platforms, The Grandes Fêtes TELSU have created a netiquette.

A netiquette is a set of accepted behaviours accepted by the web users and the organization to allow respectful interactions over the various web medium. Here are a few norms established by Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS in regard to its web communications.

1. Any person has a right to share his/her opinion, no matter their sex, age, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation;

2.  The use of a polite and respectful language is encouraged in all communications made on the web platforms of Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS;

3. Any out-of- subject content, or content that is considered not to have any relation to the subjet can be removed;

4.  Unrelated links will be removed by the organisations without notice;

5.  All publicity that has not been authorized by Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS will be removed without notice;

6. The resale of tickets is prohibited by law. Any content mentioning the resale of tickets will be removed without notice;

7. Any heinous, racist, sexist, insulting, ungracious, homophobic or xenophobic will be removed without notice;

8.  Any content alluding to pornography or harassment or any obscene content will be removed without notice;

9. The use of capital, bold or underlined characters is considered as yelling. As such, Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS reserves the right to remove any content using such characters. Moreover, no spam will be tolerated;

10. Finally, web communication is not that much different from face-to-face communication. What is not acceptable in written form, will not be so orally. Les Grandes Fêtes TELUS will delete unacceptable commentaries, contents, banish users of web communication and keep the right to modify its Netiquette.

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